Understanding Bodily Injury Coverage For Car Insurance

Car accidents can happen at any time, and if you’re involved in one, chances are high that you or someone else will sustain an injury. Since accidents can be both emotionally and financially draining, car insurance is essential. Bodily injury coverage is a kind of coverage that you should know about. This coverage provides protection in case you are found to be at fault in an accident, and someone else suffers an injury. Here is a closer look at what bodily injury coverage is and its benefits.

What Is Bodily Injury Coverage?

Bodily injury coverage is a kind of car insurance that offers coverage for the medical expenses of a person who is injured in an accident that you caused. This type of coverage is mandatory in most states, and it's usually split into two parts: per-person maximum and per-accident maximum. The per-person maximum is the maximum amount that your insurance will pay for one person's injuries. The per-accident maximum is the maximum amount that your insurance will pay for all injuries resulting from one accident.

Benefits of Bodily Injury Coverage

Covers Medical Bills: 

Bodily injury coverage can help pay for the medical expenses of the injured person and avoid the financial burden on you. With injuries ranging from minor to severe, medical costs can be costly, and it’s not uncommon to see some exceeding tens of thousands of dollars.

Covers Legal Fees: 

If the injured person files a lawsuit, your bodily injury coverage can also help cover the cost of legal fees. Legal fees can be very expensive and sometimes exceed the medical expenses themselves.

Protects Your Assets: 

Without adequate coverage, you run the risk of having to pay the injured person's expenses out of pocket. This can lead to a loss of assets, including possible bankruptcy.

Keeps You on the Right Side of the Law: 

As this post mentioned, bodily injury coverage is mandatory in most states. Therefore, by having it, you will be obeying the law, and you won’t be liable for any penalties.

How Much Bodily Injury Coverage Do You Need?

The minimum requirement for bodily injury coverage differs from state to state. Ensure you familiarize yourself with the requirements, but in most cases, it is recommended that you get coverage that exceeds the minimum limit.

Bodily injury coverage is essential in protecting you from the financial burden that comes with a car accident. Medical bills and legal fees can be expensive, and without proper coverage, you risk losing your assets. Therefore, when choosing an insurance policy, make sure you get bodily injury coverage that exceeds the minimum limit. Remember to drive safely and follow traffic rules to avoid accidents; always remember to ensure your coverage is updated so that you’re protected no matter what happens. 

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