Protecting Your Tiny Home With Homeowner’s Insurance

You have the new tiny house picked out, you have started eliminating the unnecessary clutter, and you are fully ready to live your life on a smaller scale. It is definitely exciting to make the transition from a big house into a tiny one, but there is one little conundrum that many new tiny home dwellers do not expect: homeowner's insurance for a tiny home can be a fickle thing. You definitely do not want to live in a home that is not properly protected, so you will need to do a little research about insuring your new small abode. Here is a look at some of the things you will need to know about protecting your tiny home with the proper homeowner's insurance. 

You may have a hard time finding insurance with your usual provider to protect your tiny home. 

Tiny homes are such a relatively new idea that many insurance companies are yet to create proper policies to cover them. Therefore, don't be surprised if the company you have always trusted for homeowner's insurance can no longer offer what you need. It can take a little effort to find a typical insurance company that has something to offer for your small home. 

You can have a difficult time finding insurance if the home is situated in certain areas. 

Did you know that local zoning laws and restrictions directly affect the type of insurance coverage options there are available in a given area? If you have your home positioned in a place where there are zoning restrictions that dictate what is technically deemed a home, getting homeowner's insurance can be hard to do. 

You may have to go with a different type of insurance to protect your tiny home. 

If all else fails and you cannot get a regular homeowner's insurance policy to cover your tiny home because of local zoning laws and restrictions, you may have to take another route. Because technically most tiny homes are towable, you may be able to find coverage with RV insurance or mobile home insurance. In essence, these policies cover the home and the contents in it, but the difference is the coverage limitations will be much smaller. For example, if you have RV insurance on your tiny home, it would still be protected if it were wiped out by a flood, but your reimbursement would not be as high as it would be with a normal home. 

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